Sight Essential Window

Your digital catalogue lights up, everything else disappears

The life-size digital replica evolves! 

Sight Essential is even lighter and thinner than before, It’s not equipped with a self-supporting structure and is characterized by a full HD seamless display: the edges disappear to enhance your product even more.

It’s the digital display that can be integrated directly into your store, to recreate the same effect of an installed real window, with the advantage of being able to configure, every aesthetic aspect in real-time.

The new anti-glare display makes it the ideal product for your showroom, you are free to place it where you wish, without loosing the quality of your images.

Display 55"

  • Height  1210 mm
  • Width 680 mm
  • Contrast 4000:1
  • Resolution 1920x1080 pxl
  • Brightness 700 Nit

Structure Dimension

  • Height 1223 mm
  • Width 693 mm
  • Depth 100 mm
  • Weight 15 kg
VIEW license

View is the B2B web platform that allows you to present, configure and sell your products through a simple, digital and engaging tool. When View connects to Sight it becomes a real attraction, able to bring new customers to your store, involving them in a full-size 4K shopping experience.

NFC technology

Connect your digital catalogue with your physical samples!

The NFC Reader connects to Sight and allows you to digitally replicate any product or sample of your showroom.

Place a profile, a finish or hardware on the surface of the NFC Reader to immediately display every aesthetic detail; your customers will be able to configure their virtual window frame while physically touching every element that characterizes it and is part of your sample collection.

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