Sight 2 Window

Discover the most effective way to present and sell your products! SIGHT 2 Window, is the first real life-size digital display, specially designed for Windows and blinds. Animate your entire catalogue, your products are fully configurable in 1:1 scale, inspire customers and have them live a unique shopping experience, similar to the one they have when purchasing online, directly at your point of sale. SIGHT 2 Window, combines the intensity of the physical sample with the best of virtual replication, attracting and actively engaging people in the configuration process. You can personalize and evaluate every aesthetic aspect of the product, hardware and finishes found in the catalogue, observe details in life-size, amplified by the ultra-definition of a 4k display. 

> Screen Size (LXH): 808 x1433mm
> Wi-Fi Connection
> 4k display
> Built-in USB ports
> Embedded audio System with speakers
> Optimized for VIEW
> Easy to move and transport
> Specially designed for Windows
> Second display option for double-sided version
> 4k Webcam

A magical connection

SIGHT 2 Window is controlled directly from your I-pad, you have total control of your showroom in a single App. to perfect each stage of sale, starting from the choice of the product to the creation of the quote. The SIGHT Window is also available in a double-sided version to represent both the internal and external sides of the window, making the configuration even more spectacular!

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