Smart Retail

the new generation
of digital shops

From product to experience: discover the digital transformation of your store

Smart Retail is the new generation of stores. This is the integration between digital devices, A.I. software platforms and physical spaces dedicated to retail . In the digital age, the focus of brands has shifted from the product to the experience that the customer has to understand whether to buy it, to attract, conquer and satisfy him.

The physical store thus becomes an extension of e-commerce , a place in which to find what has been discovered online, recognize the brand and be guided to discover all aspects of the desired product, concluding the purchase with the highest degree of satisfaction.
The Smart retail models we offer allow companies to get to know their customers better and effectively convey the value of their products.

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With these solutions, it becomes easier to assist people in purchasing processes, giving them information about their offer through digital content; your stores will be able to offer Phigital and interactive experiences, able to conquer and excite them. All this simplifies and speeds up the decision-making process, not only for simple products but also for complex ones. The physical space of the store is no longer a limit but through technology it becomes the place to represent and sell any product category , changing the entire store into a instant.

The Smart Retail solutions of Voilàp Digital also enable in physical spaces ways of interaction that until recently were the prerogative of online environments, providing brands and their stores with tools for real-time measurement and a unique shopping experience for its customers.
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