Sight Full Glass

Sight Full Glass is the 55" 4K LED display totem.
An excellent tool to digitise your communication, making it effective and interactive through the transmission of digital content, creating an Infopoint. Furthermore, by displaying the screen in your shop window, you can show content such as products, promotions, videos, at any time of the day, including closing days. In this way, your point of sale is transformed into an important means of communication capable of attracting the attention of passers-by at all times.
Being a self-standing structure, the totem is easily transportable. This makes it perfect for trade fairs, events and exhibitions in shopping centres, displaying the catalogue in digital format and the contents in real format. Sight Full Glass is made of solid materials and durable electronic components, without sacrificing an elegant and extremely compact design that makes it perfect for any type of space.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
Samsung 55” display features" 
55” display"
Brightnessà 450 (cd/m2)
Material Aluminum
Resolution FULL HD (1920 x 1080 pixel)
Overall dimensions 1388 x 1210 x 680 mm
Weight 70 kg
IPS panel technology
Vertical portatrait orientation
LED LEDGE Backlight Technology
Features self-supporting base
Aluminum Material
Structure color gray (powder coating)
Passport color black
Maintenance access: rear and front opening
IP 30 degree of protection
Wooden pallets
Warranty Standard warranty as per contract 12 months
Voilàp Box Features
Intel i3 10th gen PC
Power supply 12 V DC - 220/110 V AC
Windows 10 IoT Operating System
Wifi and Bluetooth
Wireless keyboard
TheTail Cloud (1st year only)

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