Who we are

Voilàp Digital was born within an important industrial manufacturing group.

The company was founded in 2011 with the aim of helping people to pre-experience products through digital, enveloping and multi-sensorial shopping experiences, integrating physical and virtual spaces. Today in all sectors it is happening a radical transformation of the distribution channels, both physical and digital, leading to a complete rethink of shops and showrooms.

Voilàp Digital has laid its foundations in a profound analysis of the figure of the consumer 4.0, a key figure, who today is fully aware of its importance and increasingly used to using a large amount of information to choose any product, configuring it real-time spontaneously and intuitively.

We have overcome the traditional concept of digital sales, creating a real ecosystem where screens, virtual configurators, big data and artificial intelligence allow us to perceive products in a new way, improving the decision-making process that leads to the purchase. We have become the point of reference for retail 4.0, creating a range of innovative products and services to connect the digital habits of millions of people with the new potential of the points of sale. We create technologies that give new life to cities, transforming them into smart cities, starting from the soul of every urban center: its stores.

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