Sight Essential Slider

The life-size digital display becomes slidable. 

The Sight Essential Slider allows you to display two leaves on a single leaf, and to evaluate every aesthetic detail in FULL HD.

Simply move the bezel-less displays together along the sliding track to switch from a two separate leaves to a single, fully configurable unified leaf.

It’s the ideal solution for those in search of a real digital attraction for their showroom, with an innovative, digital device designed to amaze the customer, while at the same time simplifying and improving the entire shopping experience.

All the Sight Essential Slider’s electronic and power supply components are installed in a “hideaway configuration” in order to maintain a clean, minimalist design that’s suitable for any style.


Technical data arrow_drop_down
Display characteristics
55-inch Full HD display
Industrial Player CPU embedded
Power supply 100-240 V AC
Average consumption 150W each
Dimension Active display area 648 L x 1214 H
Contrast 4000:1
Full HD resolution
Brightness 700 cd / m2
Weight 25Kg each
Characteristics of the structure for recessed installation
Metallic structure for installation in a wall
Metal structure slider for wall mounting
Overall Dimensions 770 L x 1299 H x 101 W mm
(Including the aluminum slider structure for mounting in a wall)
Overall Dimensions 770 L x 1299 H x 101 W mm (including the aluminum slider structure)
Metal structure weight 100kg
WIFI kit
USB Wireless Keyboard
USB (for uploading photo and video content)
Remote Controls
Software and accessories
Operating system SIGHT
The Tail Stand Alone (Schedule Management)
View Core Lite software
View Core software
Compatible with View Gravity
NFC mirror reader + 50 NFC tags
Wooden box
Standard warranty as per 12 months contract
Warranty extension beyond that included up to 24 months
Optional services
Installation and ste ip initial configuration
Training in the use of the software
5 handles 6 colors rendering package


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