Sight Essential Window

Your digital catalogue lights up, everything else disappears

Full-size digital evolves! 

Sight Essential is even lighter and thinner, it has no self-supporting structure and is characterised by a seamless full HD display: the edges disappear to enhance your product even more.

It is the digital display that can be integrated directly into the spaces of your store, to recreate the same effect as a normal window, with the advantage of being able to configure how it looks in real time.

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The new anti-glare displays make it the ideal product for your showroom allowing you to place it wherever you want without ever affecting the quality of your images.

Display 55"

  • Height  1210 mm
  • Width 680 mm
  • Contrast 4000:1
  • Resolution 1920x1080 pxl
  • Brightness 700 Nit

Structure Dimension

  • Height 1214 mm
  • Width 684 mm
  • Depth 90 mm
  • Weight 15 kg
VIEW license

View is the B2B web platform that allows you to display, configure and sell your products using a simple and engaging digital tool. When the View platform connects to Sight, it becomes a real attraction capable of drawing new customers to your shop by engaging them in a life-sized 4K shopping experience.

The Tail

The tail is the definitive media player for every retail 4.0 point of sale. It allows you to play any content directly through the Sight unit: upload videos, posters, photos, promotions, or advertisements, and you’ll have a convenient way to organise, program, and view everything that represents your brand and your products.

Business Intelligence

The View platform’s business intelligence system collects and stores all the information needed to understand your customers’ needs and desires. Thanks to the data collected during the product configuration process, the B.I. system provides you with specific analyses and statistics, which are essential for interpreting the market and strengthening your business strategy.

NFC technology

Connect your digital catalogue to your physical samples! The Mirror NFC unit connects to the Sight unit and allows you to digitally display any product or sample from your showroom. Simply place a finish, a profile, or an accessory upon the Mirror NFC unit’s surface to immediately display every aesthetic detail; your customers will be able to configure their virtual door or window frame, while at the same time physically touching each of its constituent elements from your sample collection.

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