Surface Evolution Pro

Surface Evo pro is the version of the full-featured B2B2C web platform for digitising the presentation, configuration and sale of all products in the world of surfaces and claddings. An extremely effective tool, customisable and ideal for large manufacturers and their shops. Surface evo pro allows you to create your own product showcase by creating a complete digital catalogue where in addition to the configurability of the 3D images, it allows the management of the relative product prices. Surface evo pro's features include: the ability to see the floor/wall cladding product set in a 3D environment, assess the quality of the product's installation pattern, which can be modified and updated in real time, customise the colour and thickness of the grouting and, finally, choose different home environments in which to see the installed floor/wall cladding product.

> Creates your personalised product catalogue digitally

> Cloud infrastructure for mobile usage

> Digital, interactive and engaging experience

> Creates PDF dossiers of selected products

> Combines physical and digital sample

> Allows product configuration within the home environment

> Digitises your sales network process

RGB Technology

Surface Evo Pro can be combined with any device in the Tile range, and through the Mirror Multi RGB reader, it allows any product or physical sample to be replicated digitally. By placing a patch, a colour swatch or a sample material on the sensor area of the RGB Mirror Multi reader, its digital representation can be called up on the display, using the images loaded in the catalogue.

Voilàp Digital: Surface Evolution Pro RGB Technology
Voilàp Digital: Surface Evolution Pro Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

The View platform’s business intelligence system collects and stores all the information needed to understand your customers' needs and wishes. Thanks to the data collected during the product configuration process, the B.I. system provides you with specific analyses and statistics, which are essential for interpreting the market and strengthening your business strategy.

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