Tile Essential Evo 55"

TILE Essential Evo 55 "is the totem with seamless 55 '' FullHD display for window and door showrooms. The Ultra Narrow Bazel technology allows the LCD panels to be enclosed in a frame of only 1.8 mm thick. It is made with solid materials and components durable electronics that give it a duration of use 4 times longer than a traditional screen. With the ultra-bright 700 Nit TILE Essential Evo 55 "display, it has no problem in maintaining constant image quality in any light conditions , even if illuminated directly by the sun's rays. Its clean and minimal style makes it ideal for all those showrooms that make design and elegance their trademark, it naturally integrates into any exhibition space. The reduced thickness of the structure and the absence of a frame on the display are able to recreate the feeling of a real one-door leaf, maximizing the emotional effectiveness on the customer. TILE Essential Evo 55 "is equipped with a structure that allows the recess inside a niche of a plasterboard wall. Through magnets and safety cables, this sheet allows the housing of the monitor inside so that it adheres perfectly at the wall.

Thanks to the View digital platform, the product shown can be configured in real time and offers your customer the possibility of evaluating any detail in full scale, displaying every possible aesthetic combination in a simple and fast way. TILE Essential Evo 55 "redefines the shopping experience and helps you propose and sell products in the best way, bringing all the benefits of e-commerce directly to your store.


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