Tile Essential Evo 85"

TILE Essential Evo 85 "is the totem with 85" LCD 4K display for ceramic showrooms. TILE Essential Evo 85 "digitally represents any type of door, reproducing every aesthetic detail, with a degree of realism never seen before, to increase the emotional effect on your customers. It is made with solid materials and durable electronic components that give it a duration of use 4 times longer than a traditional screen. TILE Essential Evo 85 "is equipped with a minimal structure that allows it to be installed by hanging it directly from the ceiling, without any cables in sight, in order to integrate elegantly into the design of any showroom. The suspended structure, in addition to giving elegance to the interior of the point of sale, allows you to raise the panel to the correct height, to have a front view of the doors to be viewed in full size. Thanks to the View digital platform, the product shown is configurable in real time and offers your customer the opportunity to evaluate any detail , displaying every possible aesthetic combination in a simple and fast way. TILE Essential Evo 85 "redefines the shopping experience and helps you to propose and sell products in the best way, bringing all the advantages of e-commerce directly to your point sale.



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