Tile Essential Evo 75"

Tile Essential Evo 75 is the totem with 75" LCD 4K display for showrooms with ceramic tile surfaces and covers. Tile Essential Evo 75 digitally represents any type of surface, reproducing every aesthetic detail, with a degree of realism never seen before, to increase the emotional effect on your customers. It is made from solid materials and durable electronic components that give it a lifespan four times longer than a traditional screen. Thanks to the Surface digital platform, the represented product is configurable in real time and offers your customer the possibility to evaluate every aesthetic detail, simulate different installation patterns and compare different samples in the most effective way. Tile Essential Evo 75 redefines the experience of buying ceramic products, bringing all the advantages of the e-commerce experience directly to your store.


  • Makes your showroom unique and interactive
  • Enhances your customers' shopping experience
  • Speeds up customer decision-making process
  • Helps you reduce the costs of physical sampling
  • Specifically for windows and complementary products
  • Reproduces the feeling that a real surface is installed
  • Minimalist design that fits in any showroom
Technical data arrow_drop_down
Display characteristics
LCD display
Voilàp Box with Windows 10 IoT operating system
Power supply 12 V DC - 220/110 V AC
Average consumption 218 W
Dimensions of Active display area 1872 H x 1053 L
Contrast 3000:1
4K resolution
Brightness 500 cd / m2
Weight 50.7Kg
Overall Dimensions 1681.1 x 960.1 x 49.7 mm
Wireless Keyboard
Integrated colorimeter
Software and accessories
TILE Operating System
The Tail (First year only included)
Surface Software
NFC mirror reader + 50 NFC TAGS
Cardboard box + Pallet for 75”
Standard 12-month warranty as per contract
Warranty extension beyond that included up to 24 months
Extra services
Installation and initial configuration step
        Training in the use of the software


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