Tile Essential Evo Self

TILE Essential Evo Self is the 55 '' FullHD display totem for window and door showrooms.

It is made with solid materials and durable electronic components, without sacrificing an elegant and extremely compact design that makes it perfect for any type of showroom. It is also equipped with an integrated self-supporting base with provision for anchoring, if you wish to fix it to the ground, but it is also easily transportable to fairs, shopping centers or events. Thanks to the View platform, you can make each product in your catalog configurable and show your customers what their window will look like in real time. Getting it into operation is very simple, just connect the power cable and connect it to the network via Wi-Fi or network cable. TILE Essential Evo Self attracts more customers to your store, improves the shopping experience and helps you offer and sell products in the best way, bringing all the benefits of e-commerce directly to your store.


  • Makes your showroom unique and interactive
  • Enhances your customers' shopping experience
  • Speeds up customer decision-making process
  • Helps you reduce the costs of physical sampling
  • Specifically for windows and complementary products
  • Reproduces the feeling that a real surface is installed
  • Minimalist design that fits in any showroom
Technical data arrow_drop_down
LCD display
Voilàp Box with Windows 10 IoT operating system
Power supply 100-240 V AC
Average consumption 118 W
Dimensions of Active display area 680 L x 1209 H
Contrast 4000:1
4K resolution
Brightness 700 cd / m2
Weight 50Kg
Self-standing glass structure
Overall Dimensions 880 x 2010 x 46.3 mm
USB Wireless Keyboard
USB port
Software and accessories
The Tail (First year only included)
Surface Software
Compatible with View Gravity
NFC Reader + 50 NFC TAGS
Cardboard box + Wooden pallet
Standard 12-month warranty as per contract
Warranty extension beyond that included up to 24 months
Extra services
Installation and initial configuration step
        Training in the use of the software


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